Ramblings of a Laid-Up Longshoreman—Grunts, Master of Nothing.

Grunts are the foundation of any business. Everybody has to start somewhere. When you have skills and experience, you can start at the bottom. Have you ever been the Grunt of your company? Did you work your way to the top? Are you a Master of Nothing, until someone shows you and you actually, do it for yourself? We keep the "educated professionals" equipped with the small shit So yes, we may be called Grunts, but either way, we are the $hit.

A longshoremans’ work is never done.

Grunts, Master of Nothing.

Value comes from the potential that all new grunts posses. Passion can not be measured from with in, unless you’re a grunt. Grunts will always step up to the plate; with all of the hardest jobs, to the most dangerous, and even the littlest and tidiest jobs, come from grunts. Grunts know when they are hired that they will be used in every form, on every job, in every capacity. Grunts get hurt, only to be told to brush it off and keep moving. What exactly does a grunt do, you ask?

What we do

Grunts are the one’s who carry all the heavy tools and organize what supplies need to be taken on the ship to get the job done. We are the first to arrive to prep a space that the “skilled longshoreman” may need to get their job done as well. Did you know that we make sure the area is safe, and all tools are up to speed? Or how about realizing grunts hold everything together? They stand watch—wide awake for hours at a time, which after long periods of time, take a toll on even the healthiest body.

The value of a most grunts, goes unnoticed. It isn’t until we get time with in a company, network with a few people outside the company, and keep learning—that our drive starts to shine through even the most valuable of people with more experience. Not because they aren’t found as useful, but because the grunt is like a sponge. We are the ones that get blamed for doing it wrong, even if we did it right. Grunts take the brunt end of EACH DAYS hard work and it is annoying, yet satisfying.

Question: “How does a ceo sleep at night knowing a grunt has been hurt?”

Answer: “Easy, With his eyes closed.”

Grunt Shit,

…Coming at you straight from the bottom.

How else are grunts supposed to learn? I bet if you took the IQ of a grunt and compare it to that of a CEO, you would find many similarities in scores. While the CEO sits comfortably in his air conditioned office, with his glass of bourbon sitting closely by his side, the grunts are in the heat or the rain. Sometimes that heat rises to temperatures unsuited for working, yet we are still in full gear making sure the dust from the dirt in the air, gets repeatedly swept. With no purpose to sweep the shop, other than to kill a few hours until the real work begins.

Most Longshoreman are told to not ask when they are getting a raise, and are expected to work like they are getting paid double what they are worth, when in fact they are not. We are told that we will never be a part of the union, and that the only right we have, is to make it past the 6 month probation to keep our job. Even if we make it past the 6 month probation, a raise still isn’t in our review, yet rather a 10 minute, one sided, talk space with the CEO. How is that for appreciation! CEO’s have this saying,”Grunts are expendable.” Does this work look expendable to you?

What is a good grunt?

Although, a grunts work is hard, you will most likely never hear them complain. Well, a good grunt anyhow. They are too busy working their way into a solid yet stable position. Good grunts know their position. Being aware that we have to prove ourselves. If we aren’t aware of our surroundings, or ten steps ahead of ourselves, we could jeopardize our chance to move up. Grunts may be a master of nothing, but we also know our shit don’t stink. (and that our ships don’t sink) So although, we might be expendable, we would break our backs, to prove that we aren’t.

Grunts, Master of Everything.

Grunts shit don't stink. (Grunts ships don't sink!)

Yup, I said it. We move into a position of confidence while watching and participating in different jobs. It takes us less time to get things done, and more time trying to do more. When a grunt values themselves, and the other grunts, they learn to work together, building a team. That is how, we became GRUNTS.

Learning enough of everything, to be more valuable than one person, who is a Master of One Thing. We take our position so seriously that we volunteer for jobs that we can learn more from. You know what? We slowly start to add more value to ourselves, especially the grunts that certify themselves with classes the company provides. Who do you think has more ambition in their little finger than experts show in their whole hand? Yup, you got it right: GRUNTS.

After a good amount of time, They become a Master of Everything, therefore making their value to the company rise. Now, that’s “Grunt shit—coming at you straight from the bottom.” Rising to the top, just by watching our own “can do” attitude.

Remember to thank a Grunt that works with you, all we ask is a little appreciation and gratitude, to allow our bliss to resonate. And yes, if it means being the foundation that holds the rest together, than I don’t mind coming from the bottom. “I’ll be damned tho, if the world doesn’t know—that GRUNT SHIPS DON’T SINK; we rise to the top.

Grunt ships don’t sink, they rise to the top.