The Inner-View of The Interview

The Inner View of the Interview

“I am a longshoreman—so I MUST be crazy.” As luck would have it, not many people are fortunate enough to be at the right place, at the right time. For one reason or another we seem to get too caught up in were we are at—to even begin to look at where we are going. Preparation determines part of our successors, the company we keep—we keep well. Unfortunately, sometimes; how we dress—makes a statement in itself. Let alone, the tools we were given in life, it what we carry with us everyday. Why not stick with what you are good at—in each that moment presents itself? Who did I want to be; in that moment? How I concluded each decision thus forward, speaks volume on where I am at now.

How I became a Longshoreman

Perception is everything, to everyone, but especially a longshoreman. Being grateful and humble blessed me with a HUGE advantage than any average Joe out there. I was in rehab. I was recovering. But, mainly, I am a veteran that was at the right place at the right time. When you realize ANY and EVERY TIME, is only the TIME YOU CREATE FOR YOURSELF.

“I am a longshoreman—so i must be crazy”

Alright, I must admit; I am a longshoreman—and I am crazy!


Overcoming a psychological misdiagnosis, has not been a set back for myself, to say the least. AND it shouldn’t be FOR anyone with a desire to apply as a longshoreman. WE will always think differently than that which binds us. Allowing ourselves to move forward, unchains us; sets US free. WE are OUR own worst enemy, BUT WE are more importantly, OUR own BEST FRIEND.

Look—I knew I wanted to go to work in jeans, steel-toe boots, and a hard hat. I knew I loved working with an assorted variety of tools, and machinery, as well as become skilled enough, through hands on training. I didn’t want to be in school, unless I was out there learning on the job—and that was it. For most people with PTSD/MST—living in the moment, also meant learning how to live again. Who doesn’t want to work by the most meditative place? And for me, its by the water, the ocean. But how overcame these obstacles, will blow your mind.

Overcoming the Inner-view

See, I am blessed that I have PTSD/MST—-the correct diagnosis; for a solution to take place. I am now able to see what is right in front of me—and isn’t that what we are all trying to achieve? So what if I had to research what was internal—it is what I carried in my toolbox, everyday. Understanding myself; NOW THAT WAS HUGE!

Do you allow yourself to be the decision maker in your life? If you are scared, good. How does anyone realize what is inside them to be manifested? Who are you allowing in your life? What is inside YOU?  The tools you gather within your own perception, also determines the confidence you have. When the confidence surrounds you, inside yourself, I don’t care if you are scrubbing toilets as the janitor—it will show in the work you do. So, do it with a passion like no other, and that is how changing your mind set works.

What kind of tools must a longshoreman have?

Heck, I didn’t know what job I wanted to internally train for as a longshoreman, so how did I know what tools to take—or say that I had—to be guaranteed a spot at the shop?

Question: When do you think about the tools you carry with you? 

Answer: When you pull them out to use them, and they aren't there.

Yup, that sums it up all together…but does it really? What kind of tools do you think I am talking about? Hand tools? Guess again, because in the end—there are only 3 tools a longshoreman needs in his toolbox.

1. Mental

Its a mindset people!!! Be willing to avoid the politics in your own head, because there enough of that on the shipyards, at the shops, and in the water.

JUST BE WILLING. Be willing to work on their schedule, which includes last minute changes. Be the person who has a passion for change—excite yourself. If you don’t go in to work EVERY SINGLE DAY with a fresh perspective, you may be missing something.

“Stay focused. Your mind will tell you what it needs to be better.  Mine, is telling me to rest.”  

-Laid-Up LOngshoreman

2. Physical

Has hard labor ever hurt ANYONE?

Yes! Do you honestly think working 8 to 18 hour days, with little to NO sleep, doesn’t take a toll on your body? 

Can you take and pass a physical? What about a drug test? Can you ace a background check on a federal level? How about working, after you injure yourself—-Military style?

Before I was even a longshoreman, I didn’t ask myself these questions. I already knew the answers. Do you?

3. Actual

I worried about what tools I would need, once I was really hands on, and you should too. If you are just getting started in the life of a grunt on the water, let experience guide you. Ask someone, but also understand how to use each tool, otherwise your PPE is pointless.

The ACTUAL PHYSICAL TOOLS YOU NEED, you can buy online, or at any local hardware store. Jot down what tools you use daily, and go buy them.

To start out—-all I needed was a pair of jeans, a pair of steel-toe boots, and a hard hat.

All I need is a pair of jeans, a pair of steel toe boots, and a hard hat.