“Mariners and Longshoreman, what’s the big deal?”

Pretty sure John F. Kennedy had it right. Does it really matter what job we are doing? Whether we are a Mariner and a Longshoreman, or just one of the two, we all are tied to the ocean. The work we both do, result in the same thing. Regardless of if we do it on the docks or in the water...we're both drawn straight to the sea for a reason. What is yours?

Mariners and Longshoreman
It's just a love for the Sea....

“Mariners and Longshoreman, live for the ride…they also live to survive.”

How many wonder about the differences between Mariners and Longshoreman? Aren’t they the same thing?

Although, many already understand the differences between Mariners and Longshoreman…There are still many that don’t, and I was one of them.

Whether it be: lifestyles, boat/ship/dock life, expectations of work, the challenges they both face; all of it can be catastrophic or life threatening. So why would any person in their right mind choose this life? Is there a certain kind of person that understands what is involved to its entirety?

Of coarse!

Those certain people are: Mariners and Longshoreman. So, what happens when the two come together in “perfect harmony”? The question isn’t what or when, it’s why!

Why a Longshoreman?

From one Longshoreman to rest of the world…”So, what is the big deal anyway, right?” After asking some workers in the San Diego area and through out social media, there are quite a few opinions of why. There is no right or wrong answers, I presume, just the opinion of why each worker decided to go the route they are on. Some reasons are more personal then others, some are more money motivated, and some just like to be near the ocean, in any capacity, Mariners and Longshoreman will always cross paths. So who is the mightiest worker of them all? That is what we are here to find out!

 “LONGSHOREMAN are dock workers, mariners run the ocean!”

Laid-Up Longshoreman's Inner-View, "There really is no choice!"

From both sides

If I were to look at the reason I became a Longshoreman, rather than a mariner, it would be controversial to say the least. I enjoy every aspect of being a Longshoreman, yet, I also enjoy being on a ship, or even a boat, soaring within the salted ocean, and knowing, this is where I belong.

In order for you to determine which maritime position you would like to uphold, there are some things you should know first:

What is a Longshoreman- A Longshoreman is a person employed in a port to load and unload ships.

See, while a mariner is a master of the ocean, when the ship is docked, a longshoreman is the master of the ship while it is docked. If you were able to watch a Longshoreman do his normal days work, you would see that not only do they unload and load items, but they are Masters at Engineering any and all maintenance issues and are able to address any safety concerns before being cleared to ship back out to sea. Longshoreman fully understand that although they may not be a mariner, they play a huge roll in a mariners success.

Yes, I am aware there may be some disagreement to this, 
and that is okay as well. 
But, again, its my truth to tell, 
yet only one opinion it such a mass variety of people.

Why a mariner?

From one Mariner to the rest of the world…” Longshoreman run the docks, But we run the OCEAN! There is no contest! To me, the ocean is my Zen, It makes me happy.” After checking out some different mariner sites, and rambling through different blogs and social media, The opinions are mutually impassioned within maritime. Think for one second just how big the ocean is compared to the ships that are navigating through the uncontrollable conditions of nature. A mariner or seaman, will always feel as if the ocean brings them power. Yet, it is a power of being aware of how to run through the open high seas alive!

“To me the ocean is my zen, it makes me happy!”

What is a Mariner- A Mariner is a person who directs or assists in the navigation of a ship but also refers to as: sailor, seaman, seafarer; informalsea dog, salt, bluejacket; matelot.

See while a Longshoreman stand ready at the docks waiting for the ship to be ready to dock, Mariners STAY ready manning the ship in the ocean. What a feeling of control–or is it the complete opposite. Mariners are smart enough to know the strength of the ocean, which is why it is important that a person must be ready to take on nature in order to make their way through it. Navigating a crew, plus giving direction to navigate the vessel, is hard work! One wrong move, and catastrophe could change everything.

If you were to watch a mariner in action for a whole day, you might have the urge to jump ship. It is no joke, yet a passion and understanding between you and the ocean. The work is also hard, demanding, and doesn’t predict whether you come home alive or even at all. Can you imagine what a hardship it puts on the families waiting for their seamen to get home and safe? Or even if family is an option to the seaman, when he is married to the ocean.

Not so, Common Ground

The difference between the two, yet ending in the same result: passion, hard work, life thrill, long hours, great pay…ect…

…it doesn’t cease to amaze me that Mariners and Longshoreman have a unique love for life at sea, by the sea, in the sea, and for the sea. Some Longshoreman get to go home at night to their families while others pull double or triple day shifts. It may seem unfair to the lives of mariners, in which spend weeks, months, even years at sea…only to have a different kind of relief when they reach the shore…

“….at the end of the day, we all just have this need to feel accomplished in something bigger. being a part of the bigger picture, or at least our own bigger picture. After all the hard work is done, we  agree on at least one thing, the view will always remain priceless. No matter which direction from the sea we’re all at, that feeling, deep within, it drives us…”